How to do a Luxurious Home Facial in 10 Easy Steps

With most of us on COVID-19 lockdown getting to the Spa just isn’t an option. But, alas, until things are back to normal, we’ve put together 10 easy steps for a super luxurious (totally organic!) home facial that you will love. 

The Do’s and Dont’s of a Home Facial

Do Set the Mood

Light a candle, turn on a Spa Music playlist, and set up your diffuser for some aromatherapy with spa favorites like eucalyptus and lavender

Do a Facial Massage

This is a great way to increase circulation to all layers of the skin making products work better, activate the lymph system which rids the body of toxins, and lift and plump skin making it look youthful and healthy. 

Do Make Facials a Regular Part of Your Beauty Routine

Facials are a great way to reset your facial skin, pores, lymph system, and tissue while giving you an idea of any problems on the horizon. A monthly facial is the minimum to improve and maintain your skin, plus as needed when the weather turns dry or cold, or you’re constantly exposed to stuffy indoor air during self-isolation. 

Don’t Try to Do Extractions

As satisfying as it may be to squeeze out those ugly blackheads, this is a super delicate procedure and should be reserved for professionals. You can cause capillary damage, scarring, and inflammation

Don’t Use a Chemical Peel

These can be harmful if not done properly and cause permanent pigment damage and scarring. Best just to wait for your aesthetician to do it safely. 

Don’t Try Home Waxing for the First Time

Most of us get a little facial waxing during our Professional Spa Facial, but if you’ve never done it before, we don’t recommend this being your first time. Just try to enjoy this luxurious home facial without the pain and frustration of home waxing. 

10 Steps for a Luxurious Home Facial

how to do a home facial

1. Gather the Things You Need and Set the Mood

Preparation is key to being able to actually enjoy yourself and not constantly be getting up to grab something. You’ll need:

  • Hand Towel
  • Washcloth
  • Headband and if you have long hair, pull it on top of your head so you can lay down comfortably
  • Facial Steamer, or if you don’t have one, fill a large bowl with 2 inches of boiling water and drape a bath towel over it to keep it warm until Step 4. An electric kettle works great.  
  • Organic Cucumber Slices for Eyes (optional, but preferred)
  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Exfoliator
  • Masque
  • Serum
  • Eye Cream
  • Moisturizer
  • Facial Oil (optional, but preferred if you don’t have acne-prone skin)
  • A great comfy place to put your feet up and relax

Wash off your makeup in warm water, remove eye makeup, set the mood with relaxing spa music and aromatherapy like eucalyptus or lavender. Turn down the lights, slip on a comfy robe and slippers, and you’re ready. 

2. Cleanse and Massage

how to do a home facial

Even though you just washed off your makeup, a great facial always starts with a second, more in depth cleansing. Grab your favorite organic cleanser and, using circular motions with your middle and ring fingers, give yourself a 1-3 minute facial massage. 

A great facial massage is easy. Use enough cleanser to get your face, neck, and fingers really slippery, to avoid pulling or irritating skin, then using firm pressure, massage the lymph nodes under your ears and along the sides of your neck and work your way down the throat and up the jawline. Then, pushing up and out, use circular motions to massage the sides of your face. Apply pressure just above your eyebrows and use an upward motion to sweep skin up and out. This helps reduce forehead wrinkles. Next, place fingers on either side of your nose and sweep towards the ears to lift skin and energize. Lastly, use vertical movements from the chest up to the jawline to activate the lymph system which will help remove toxins and unnecessary fluid. 

3. Apply Toner

Spray or gently apply an organic high quality toner with damp fingertips to the face, neck, and decolletage. Toners are important to balance pH and protect skin from irritants while infusing it with vitamins and minerals. They are crucial for an effective luxurious facial. 

4. Start Steaming

Spas have that amazing professional grade tool made just for facial steaming, but you can still get some great steam without it. There are some good facial steamers for home use and if you’re going to do regular facials, or are prone to acne and need that extra pore-opening on a regular basis, spending a little cash on one may not be a bad idea. That said, not all steamers are created equal. We like the NanoSteamer for it’s nice thick steam and temperature control technology.  

But, you can always make steam yourself. It’s important to open up pores and hydrate skin’s top layer. Plus, it adds a certain layer of Spa luxurious-ness. 

In Step 1, you may have already made the steamy bowl by pouring 2 inches of boiling water into a large bowl and covering it with a towel. By now, it should be just the right temperature. You want it cooler than boiling but hot enough to make some nice steam. With bath towel in hand, put your face 6 inches away from the water and drape the towel over your head and the bowl. The idea is to trap the steam and still be able to breath. If you can’t hold your face over the bowl with relative comfort for more than 5 seconds, it’s too hot. 

Once you have the temperature right, steam 5 times for 2 minutes each time with about a 30 second break in between. Giving skin a short break helps prevent stripping or burning and makes skin ready to soak in all those glorious skin nurturing products coming in the next steps. 

Facial steaming should be relaxing and feel comfortable. Take nice deep breaths of that steamy air and notice the sensations in your lungs. When the 10 minutes is up, pat dry.  

5. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

We are HUGE supporters of regular exfoliation and not just during a facial. Not only does it rid your skin of dead skin cells, blackheads, dirt, and makeup residue, but an all natural, high quality exfoliator makes your skin glow and be radiant like nothing else. Choose one that’s not too harsh and not too fine to get a really great result. If using an exfoliator hurts with light pressure, get a new one! 

The Sulphuric Exfoliator from ilike doesn’t have granules and is so gentle you can use it around eyes, on rosacea, acne, or dry, mature, sensitive skin. It uses honey, algae, and you guessed it, sulphur, to exfoliate dead skin cells, soften fine lines and wrinkles, and leave skin feeling baby soft. We love this for just about everyone’s skin type. 

Apply your exfoliator with light circular motions and damp fingers. The goal is to gently scrub off those nasty impurities while keeping the moisture barrier intact. Let it sit for about 5 minutes while you close your eyes and relax. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. 

6. Apply the Masque, aka Mask, and Cucumber

how to do a home facial

Choose the right masque for what your skin needs. A hydrating masque for anti-aging, sensitive, dry, or mature skin and a purifying masque for acne-prone or oily skin are a good rule of thumb. Using two different masques, one for hydration on cheeks, neck, and decolletage and the other to purify the T-zone may work wonders for your skin.  

Apply a thin layer of whichever masque(s) you choose with damp fingertips and put the organic cucumber slices on your eyes to reduce puffiness. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, lay down, settle in, and relax. This is a great time to meditate, deep breathe, decompress, and de-stress. Wash off with warm water and pat dry. 

7. Apply Facial Oil or Moisturizer for Deep Hydration

Apply a few drops of an organic high quality facial oil to fingertips and do another facial massage for 5-10 minutes, being sure to avoid acne-prone areas. Option to use moisturizer instead of facial oil if you have oily or acne-prone skin or if putting oil on your face makes you nervous. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry. 

 8. Apply Serum to Lock in Moisture and Protect

With a few drops of serum use circular motions to gently massage into skin. Serums are so important to lock in all that glorious moisture we have created and create a gorgeous glow.  We love organic serums packed with antioxidants, like Eminence Organic Eight Greens Youth Serum, because it protects skin from the elements while locking in moisture and revives tired, stressed out skin. 

9. Gently Pat on Eye Cream

Using your ring finger, gently pat eye cream to under eyes, and all the way around the eye area. With a totally organic high quality anti-aging eye cream  you can stop and even reverse the fine lines and wrinkles around eyes. I never understood how important eye cream was until I noticed amazing results. 

10. Apply Moisturizer or Overnight Treatment

home facial

Apply organic moisturizer to face, neck, and decolletage. Option to use an anti-aging overnight treatment. We love Eminence Blueberry Soy Night Recovery Cream because it’s packed with phyto-nutrients and anti-aging antioxidants to scavenge and destroy free radicals while you sleep. This final step is really important to build up skin’s moisture barrier to get that baby soft, healthy skin we all strive for. 

To Sum It Up

We are so excited for you to get moving on this easy 10 step home facial. Don’t skip the music, aromatherapy, facial massages, and that nice 10-15 minutes of zen while the masque sets. These are the fine points that will make your facial truly luxurious.