5 Best Blackhead Removal Videos

As a Nurse, I can tell you that you don’t have to remove a blackhead and if you do it wrong you can actually cause more harm than good (think scarring and infected pores!). But, if we’re being honest, blackheads can make us feel self conscious and ugly, so a lot of us opt to remove them.  

These videos focus more on the HOW TO aspects of blackhead removal, not just the squeezing and popping videos that may (or may not!) exist to shock you. These are the best videos showing using an extractor the right way, how exactly those tricky little blackhead vacuums work, Q-tip extraction, and for the finale, a giant blackhead removal. 

Tips for a Clean and Safe Blackhead Removal

Before you attempt to remove any blackhead, be sure to prep your skin. Double cleanse your face, exfoliate, and use a facial steamer (or hot shower) to soften pores, which makes it easier for extraction. Wash your hands, and if you have alcohol wipes, swipe over your blackheads before you extract to maintain what healthcare folk call aseptic technique. The goal here is to encourage an easy extraction without causing infection or damage.  

Remember, don’t be harsh on your skin or scrape or stick it with sharp tools. Some tools have a sharp side to piece a closed blackhead, but it can easily cause scarring and infection, so just do it. Home blackhead extraction is all about just using a gentle press and pull action, so leave the sharp objects to the pro’s!

Now you’re ready!

Here are the 5 Best Blackhead Removal Videos that focus on the actual process, not just the gross stuff!

#5. Blackhead Removal Tool

Otherwise known as a Blackhead Extractor (AFFILIATE LINK), this little tool can be a lifesaver. Dr Sandra Lee, aka Dr. Pimple Popper, abuses a Rice Krispie Treat to show us how it’s done. She gives a great explanation of what exactly blackheads are, why we get them, and the best way to use a blackhead extractor. 

#4. Blackhead Vacuum

A blackhead vacuum does exactly what it sounds like, it sucks the blackhead out of your pore! You can run into problems if it sucks too hard and causes hickey-like bruising (although redness is totally normal) or doesn’t get enough suction and won’t do the job. 

This video shows you the Lonove Blackhead Vacuum which has great Amazon reviews, comes with extra probes, and charges with a USB charger (no batteries required). The LCD display tells you the suction level, so you can see that it’s on track. This video has great information which applies to other brands, too.  

#3. Blackhead Extractor

Using a blackhead extractor is a great way to get out the excess oil, dirt, and what-not that’s dug down deep into your pore. If you use it properly, it’s great, but be careful because using it wrong can make the blackhead dive deeper into pores or cause scarring and hyperpigmentation. 

We love this video because Dr. Darvish shows you how professionals use the tool in the office setting, including being really careful about aseptic technique. He also recommends NOT poking or slicing open closed blackheads! To take away the temptation, we recommend a blackhead extractor without a pokey side (this one is under $5). A freshly sanitized bobby pin will also do the trick!

#2. Blackhead Removal with Fingers

You don’t need a tool to remove a blackhead (but it helps!). We love how Dr Lalit Kasan walks us through using Q-tips to get under the blackhead and gently bring up the gunk. You can use your fingers in the same way.  

#1. Giant Blackhead Removal by Dr Pimple Popper

OK we had to throw in at least one GIANT blackhead removal video. We kept it professional with Dr Sandra Lee.  

Final Thoughts

The biggest take home with blackhead removal, however you do it, is to make sure your face is prepped with cleansing, exfoliating, and heat (steam preferred) and you use aseptic technique with alcohol wipes and clean hands and tools. Don’t cause damage with sharp objects and stop if it hurts. OK, now it’s time for some fun!

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