Acure is an Organic, Vegan brand centered around using only top quality organic ingredients. We like them because they make it really simple to use an entire line of products geared towards your skin and hair type. This way you get products made just for what you need versus having to pick and choose what might work best for your skin and hair type. Oh, and did we mention it’s extremely affordable??

Acure Organics

Acure (Better Planet Brands) is 100% Vegan and uses only Certified Organic, Fair Trade, and plant and food-based ingredients for their skin and hair products. Acure keeps a focus on only using Vegan ingredients and practices and top quality ingredients without all the fillers and toxins that can irritate skin. 

Each skin care collection is geared towards a skin care goal. Choose Brightening, anti-aging Radically Rejuvenating, Seriously Soothing for sensitive skin, Incredibly Clear for oily and acne prone skin, The Essentials for all skin type, Resurfacing is packed with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) for all skin types, and Ultra Hydrating is for dry skin.

Acure Vegan Skin Care


“To take skin and hair from blah to brilliant by boosting their performance with powerful combinations of amazing ingredients.” 

We are on a mission to steer people toward better for you and accessible skin care & hair care that will allow them to shine their brightest. – Acure


Here’s some of our favorite Acure ingredients:

Argan Oil and Marula Oil Infuses skin with free-radical protecting antioxidants, omega fatty acids to moisture, and gives your skin (and hair) that radiant youthful glow we all love

Lemon Brightens skin and is packed with Vitamin C which fades dark spots, builds collagen, and reduces wrinkles

Niacinamide Makes skin glow and look more radiant while unclogging congested pores preventing acne and blackheads 

Chlorella Heals and protects skin with antioxidants 

RoseHip Oil Rich in Vitamin A (also the active ingredient in retinols) to build up collagen making skin firmer, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and brightens skin while giving it an infusion of moisture

Non-Nano Zinc Oxide Healthy physical sunscreen for UV protection 

Turmeric Antibacterial and rich in antioxidants helps to calm and soothe skin while bringing out natural radiance

Ferulic Acid Powerful antioxidant to scavenge and protect cells from free radical damage

White Willow Bark Gentle exfoliator and heals acne while protecting against future breakouts

Acure Vegan Skin Care

The No-List

100% Vegan. Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI).

Paraben free, Sulfate free, Mineral oil free, Petrolatum free, Formaldehyde free, Cruelty free. No parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, paraffin, mineral oil or animal testing allowed. 

Certified Cruelty-free by PETA. 

Fair Trade and Plant and Food-based Ingredients. 

Where to Buy Acure Products 

You can buy Acure products on Amazon from Acure’s Store page, straight from the company, or at most beauty retailers. It’s even popping up at some Target’s.

Where to Buy Acure

Here’s the direct link for all Acure Products.

Acure Vegan Skin Care

Amazon shoppers give Acure products an average of 4 Stars with prices as low as $4.99

Where to Buy Acure Shampoo

Acure shampoo is well loved by all for it’s organic ingredients, easy to use product lines, and very affordable prices. There is a hair care line for everyone. Curiously Clarifying, Vivacious Volume, Simply Soothing, Ultra Hydrating, Juice Cleanse Supergreens & Adaptogens, Daily Workout Watermelon & Blood Orange, Color Wellness, Buildup Balancing Hemp and ACV.

You can buy Acure Shampoo anywhere you find Acure skin care products. Amazon is always a popular choice, plus Ulta, Vitacost, iHerb, Target, and AllStarHealth.


  • TerraCycle® and ACURE have partnered to create a national recycling program, so all Acure packaging can be sent to TerraCycle® and recycled
  • Vegan, Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Plant and Food-based ingredients only
  • Effective and well loved brand that helps improve the overall health of skin and hair
  • Very affordable


Final Thoughts

Acure is a great brand if you’re looking for a Vegan, affordable Certified Organic skin care collection. They use ingredients packed with antioxidants, skin soothers, and collagen stimulators which will improve the overall appearance of your skin. With everything Acure has to offer, it’s a great line for real results.